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Jazz for Peace
Harmonic convergence
Jazz for Peace
  Next: 4/30 , 1:00PM;
  Visitation Church  
  2625 B St
Philadelphia, PA 19125
  Click here for a complete schedule

Though Jazz for Peace was sparked by Rick DellaRatta's desire to foster harmony among musicians from conflicting cultures, its mission has evolved to encompass causes of both local and international scope. In keeping with its emphasis on jazz's ability to effect positive change, Jazz for Peace will visit Philadelphia to help the Visitation Blessed Virgin Mother Parish to restore handicapped access to its church. Though Della Ratta is something of a zealot where his genre of choice is concerned (he sees jazz as a vehicle for bringing ''enlightenment to our species,'' he lets the music do his proselytizing for him, often marshaling the help of special guests like Eddie Gomez, Lenny White, Paquito D'Rivera and the London Symphony Orchestra. It's anyone's guess which musicians may form the back-up band for his visit to Visitation, but the concert is apt to expand the cult of this charismatic singer/pianist, who was recently named to a list of the 500 greatest jazz vocalists of all time (in 'Jazz Singers,' a book by Scott Yanow). -- Julia Clinger   (Photo: Rick DellaRatta)

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