"I want to congratulate Rick and Jazz for Peace on everything they have accomplished to this point, and all the good they are sure to bring about as they continue this concert series and its mission of challenging humanity to realize that the forces that unite us are far stronger than the forces that divide us."  

                                                                                              --US President Barack Obama

Click here for more quotes from Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Ed Begley Jr. and many many more about Rick DellaRatta and his world famous Jazz for Peace Concert Series!

" Rick DellaRatta is one of the people who is taking Jazz to the next level"                                                                                                       *Describing the music from Ricks Thought Provoking CD

--Dr. Billy Taylor

 We felt the need to invite DellaRatta and his group (to Africa) because their work in promoting peace through music, is well known in the world.

                                                                                                                                                          --UNICEF 5/25/2009

"DellaRatta has the talent, tunes and superb sidemen to deserve at least a Diana Krall -sized career. He sings and plays better, and fronts a tremendous band."

--The Daily Gazette

"Sure it will be a good show."

--The New York Times Jazz Forum

"DellaRatta.....demonstrating a talent for composing, improvising and arranging....that recalled Thelonius Monk's flair for refreshing familiar chord progressions with harmonic twists.....an imaginative reworking that moved from the sublime to swinging and back again."

--Washington Post

"DellaRatta...well crafted with strong traces of influence from McCoy Tyner and Bill Evans."

--LA Times

"A vocalist with a great power to thrill and move the listener, with some of the fragile delicacy that Chet Baker had in his youth, but with a greater sense of assurance." "a soft spoken sincerity that achieves a kind of dignity amid great emotional intensity."


" DellaRatta brought new life to an old sweet song."

--Boston Globe

" Singing in a light, romantic voice... and playing Jazz of wonderful range and depth."

--Boston Phoenix

" Excellent Jazz Pianist and Vocalist....  Superb Band"

--Washington Post

"Rick DellaRatta is one of the finest Jazz pianists alive."

--Savannah Times

"DellaRatta is fast becoming the Bono of Jazz!"  

                                                        -- Salt Lake City Weekly - Aug. 16, 2008

"This multi-talented pianist also has a wonderful voice! He composes with a monkish touch...also interesting is the good contrast in the soloing of the aggressive Leibman to the more laidback solos of DellaRatta with nice use of spaces."

--Swing Journal - Japan

"DellaRatta has the talent, tunes and superb sidemen to deserve at least a Diana Krall -sized career. He sings and plays better, and fronts a tremendous band."

--Daily Gazette
"DellaRatta's voice has a soft and pure tone that is beautiful to hear. His intonation is perfect, and he wonderfully recalls Jobim's intentional flatness that gives the notes a wistful falling sound. And when Gomez walks his bass with DellaRatta's piano, the whole room syncs into the swing."

"One of the worlds finest pianists."

--Teri Thornton

"His voice is his secret weapon. It's pure velvet."

--Troy Record

"Music that orbits between cool and boppish...with vocals that really catch a listeners attention." "An understanding and control of the Shorter-Hancock style."


"Just the right blend of vocal and instrumental jazz...a great act to hear live in a jazz club."

--Jazzlife - Japan

On Rick DellaRatta's "Live in Brazil & The Blue Note" CD:

"I've not heard anything quite like Rick DellaRatta and group. I hope this gets out to the large audience it deserves. I think they've found a wonderful way to bridge the gap of generations of listeners."

--KTXK -FM Texarcana, Texas

On Rick's latest CD "Jazz At Christmastime":

"Considered by many to be one of the brightest rising stars in jazz today......the CD is alternately swinging and soulful - blending well-crafted jazz arrangements with classic holiday melodies and warm vocals to create a fresh sound. Its also a nice choice when entertaining a range of different ages,interests and tastes." "Sure to set the mood for yuletide festivities."

--METRO editorial services

"There is something magical about this trio"

--Eddie Gomez

"This is the finest Trio in Jazz!"

--Davis Wilson, Artist Quarter Jazz Club, Minn.

" A Very impressive Performance!"

--Ahmet Urtugen

" DellaRatta displays the above mentioned attributes in his outstanding performance at the Red Mill Love in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Accompanied by two jazz legends, Eddie Gomez on bass and Lenny White on drums, this trio showed off years of working together in their ability to put together set after astonishing set"

--Morrice Blackwell - JazzReview.com

" Jazz by the people, for the people."

--Hour Magazine, Canada

"That was the best audience response I have ever seen at a Jazz event."

--Therese Poletti - San Jose Mercury News

" This guy is bringing the fun back to Jazz!"

--Peter Douglas / Artistic Director -

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society - Half Moon Bay, CA

Rick DellaRatta's achievements as a world class musician as well as his musical message through Jazz to create peace and sharpen the minds of all mankind to it's highest potential were summed up recently when he was referred to as

"Mr. Jazz"

--by President George W. Bush

" The perfect blend of vocal and instrumental jazz"

--Jazzlife- Japan